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Thanksgiving Means: Giving Thanks!


Thanksgiving Means Giving Thanks!

…"Heck no! Why should I support the work of the farm when no one appreciates me?"

…. "Respect? No! Expect! I'm just expected to go along with everything the farm wants or needs. What about what I need? What our family needs? What about filling me in on what's going on?   What about my opinion and ideas? What about appreciating me?"  

…"I work off the farm, providing health insurance and income for our family. Then I come home, take care of the family and work on the farm, for free! Not once have I heard a 'Thank you,' or 'What can we do to help you?'"

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Don't have a plan yet? What are you waiting for!

Farm Business Planning: It Doesn’t Have To Be Scary!

147H.jpgHaving a Farm Business Plan is the key to long-term Farmer success.  Farm Business Planning may appear to be a pretty big undertaking, but the good news is there are plenty of resources out there to help your plans go from dreams to reality. Here at Barrett Financial Services, we specialize in working with a team of carefully curated professionals to help our clients put together Farm Business Plans so that they don’t have to figure it all out on their own.  


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Pleases and Thank Yous go a long way!

Manners on The Farm: Don’t Forget About Common Courtesy!

“Politeness is a sign of dignity, not subservience.”

~Theodore Roosevelt

Thank_you.jpgManners matter. Period.  We’re not talking about the pinkies-up, a million pieces of silverware that you don’t have a clue what to do with manners.  Today we’ll take a look at another one of the top ten most common mistakes many Farm Business owners make when managing their Farm.  This mistake is easily avoidable, and with intentionality, you to can avoid this mistake and aim to be on the path to success.

Could Your Farm Business Benefit From an Atmosphere Shift?

Have you ever noticed that often times the people closest to us get the worst of us?  Take a minute to step back and let that sink in.  

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You, the Coach!

You, the Coach!

you the coach.jpgDuring a long layover at the Atlanta airport, sports games were on every available screen. I observed the loud collective cheers and groans….and then I watched the close-up shots of the coaches. Such a difference in style, experience, and results!

That got me thinking.  If there was a “close-up” of your family business team leader, what would we see? If you had a choice, would you want to follow him or her again? 

An eye-opening exercise from one of my workshops has attendees identifying and remembering a really good coach from their past from sports, music, drama, speech, FFA, 4-H.  I then have them list the qualities that made that person a good coach.  Here are some of the frequent results: 

She painted a clear picture of the goals and identified the game plan.

She could envision the future and outcome which lead to focus and strategy.  Understanding the reasons and resources built motivation and commitment; being flexible to adapt created longevity. We all wanted to play for her.

He explained things so I could understand; then made sure I did. And he listened to me, kept an eye open for opportunities, asked for my ideas and respected my input.

He understood that people are not...

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Don't let your Farm Fail at Celebrating!

Celebrate Good Times on the Farm: 

Celebrating Success in your Farm Business and Avoiding a Key Mistake in Farm Business Management

“So bring your good times, and your laughter too..."

~Kool and The Gang


generational_farm_celebrating.jpgIf you’re like many American Family Farmers, hearing the lyrics to this popular song doesn’t exactly leave you envisioning your Family Farm Business.  Let's take a look at one of the common mistakes many Farm Business owners make when managing their Farm.  With a little proactivity and intentionality, you may avoid this mistake and be on the path to success.

The Family Farm:  Success is More Than Just Business

Farmers are some of the hardest working people you may come across. It’s easy to put your head down, and be so hard at work that we forget to pause, look around, and enjoy life’s gifts and victories.  Hard work most definitely pays off in the long run, but hard work doesn’t always equal the success of a business when it comes to relationships.  In fact, many Farm Business owners who find themselves in a place of burnout haven’t taken the time to build relationships amongst Partners and to celebrate successes.  If you’re like most Farmers, you are in business with family members, and relational dynamics are an area to consider as we define the success of a Family Farm Business.  Taking time out to celebrate victories, (big and small) and accomplishments is key to the health and success of your Family Farm.  The relational benefits of intentional time spent together with family members is something that will pay you back in spades in the long run, as people feel valued and relationships are built.  

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I Have Questions. You Have Answers.

I have questions. You have answers.

As I work with families wanting to build a legacy business, I have many questions. It’s paramount to clarify the intent and commitment of the asset owners. It’s paramount they train and choose wisely who would respectfully and passionately continue the business. It’s paramount the owners do the legal and financial work to assure the integrity of the business.

So, following are five key questions…and please know there are many more!

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Time on a Farm.jpg

12 months - 365 days - 8,760 hours - 525,600 minutes.  Where did the year go?  How much of that time was consumed by weeds, seeds, breeds, feeds, technology, machinery, money and marketing?  How much of that time was shared with spouse, children, relatives, friends, neighbors, health, community, faith? Did we ever pause to applaud what we've accomplished, what we have, what we've learned, what we've shared?

At my last birthday celebration, a wise and fun-filled friend presented me with an "almost gone" roll of toilet paper. His comment, "Getting old is a lot like a roll of toilet paper. The closer you get to the end, the faster it goes."  

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Death & Taxes: What are you certain of?

“In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.” 

-Benjamin Franklin

file0001325182121.jpg Keeping straight all of the Federal Income, and estate tax laws can be pretty overwhelming.  These laws can have a big impact on Financial Planning Strategies and it’s important to have a good understanding of these laws in order to work toward your financial goals and objectives.  Today we will take a look at both federal and state tax law basics that may affect your Estate, Farm, or Small Business.

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401(k) Retirement Plans: A Deeper Look

401(k)-Investment-Options.jpgGoing Deeper

We took a look at the basics of 401(k) Plans here: Understanding 401(k) Retirement Plan Basics Here we’ll cover a more in depth look at the ins and outs of 401(k) retirement plans including 401(k) investment options, 401(k) deduction, and 401(k) growth calculators.

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Retirement Planning: One Key to a Successful Future

COINING 20.jpgRetirement Planning: One key to a Successful Future

Many Americans are looking towards their future and are wondering if they have sufficient Retirement Income.  You may be wondering if you have sufficient Retirement Planning as well. Most of us want to spend our retirement doing the things we love and not worrying about if we have set aside enough income for the rest of our life.  The good news is that there are many things that can be done ahead of retirement to towards the goal of less stress down the road!  Today we are covering one key tool to help you to prepare for retirement income and the days that lie ahead.

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