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Look Back to Look Ahead, An Evaluation Process


Look Back to Look Ahead

This is the time of year when we look back and assess….yields, machinery needs, soil fertility, livestock status, marketing results, profit and loss.  We are so good at evaluating business production that we often forget to evaluate the people who do all of the work!

Many on the farm dread the word “evaluation,” believing it will be nothing but an “everything I’ve done wrong” session. Instead, a really good evaluation process can leave those involved feeling energized, respected and motivated. With a clear purpose to appreciate and improve, it’s good for the individuals and for the business.

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With Family, More not Less Must Be In Writing


When working with family, more, not less, needs to be in writing!  

Perhaps you’ve heard this expression: “The shortest pencil is better than the longest memory.” That’s especially true when working in a family business. In fact, I’d add one more sentence:  “If it’s not in writing, it doesn’t exist!” 

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I want to work for the Family Farm but it can't afford me!

Supporting the Family:  Obligation vs. What’s in the Best Interest of the Farm Business

Kids_working.jpgLet's look at another one of the common mistakes many Farm Business owners make running their Family Farm Business.  Many Farmers make the assumption that the their Family Farm Business should support any and all family members that are interested in working together. We hope to unpack this assumption a bit for you here, and uncover some tools that will help you plan for success in your business endeavors. 

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They're not here, and I'm so busy

heavy-934552.jpgAll the Fun Stuff: Family Farm Business Relational Dynamics 

Let's take a look at another one of the common mistakes Farm Business owners fall prey to when managing their Family Farm.  It’s easy to forget about the in-laws, spouses, and other family members in your Family Farm Business when your head is down and you are working hard.  With careful intention and planning this mistake may be easily avoided.  

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Do you have a Farm Business Plan?


Where do I get started with Farm Business Planning?

Farm business planning is a key to working toward long term farming success.  This may seem obvious but the lack of a well thought out plan is often neglected.  If you have a farm business, have you taken the time to create a business plan to help pursue your goals and wishes?  The first step is to get you thinking about creating a farm business plan.  If you already have a farm business plan in place, keep reading, use these tips as a checklist and review your farm business plan.

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Where do I Get Started with Farm Business Planning?

Farm_Business_Planning.jpgFarm Business Planning is a key to long-term success. If you have a Farm Business, have you taken the time to create a business plan to help work towards achieving your goals and wishes? If you already have a Farm Business Plan in place, keep reading, and use these tips as a checklist as you review your Farm Business Plan. 

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Farm and Family Business Succession: What’s Your Plan?

Farm and Family Business Succession: What’s Your Plan?

Family Business Planning.jpgFamily Business Succession Planning is a pretty big undertaking. There are a lot of things to think about and consider as you make important decisions about the future of your business or farm. Do you have a plan for your small business or farm? Here are some things to consider if you have a succession plan already in place, and some helpful tips for setting up a succession plan if you don’t already have one.

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